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Find out who you would be without stress and anxiety.

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How It Works

Each session takes place over phone or Zoom and includes these 3 steps:

Step 1


Quickly surface the buried memory that's fueling your emotional pain, usually stemming from your childhood.

Step 2


Repeat guided affirmations that open your heart and release fear from your body and the old memory. 

Step 3


Break free from old cycles of stress and anxiety as you reunite with your younger self that was stuck in trauma.


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What my clients are saying...


  • Stress Is Gone

    “I called Brett looking for some advice. I never expected that literally in the first 5 minutes he'd be able to nail the core source of my trauma and give me the words to release it and move on. Thank you sincerely, Brett.”

    New York

  • Stress Is Gone

    “The calmness I received during the meditation was truly Godsend. The weight just lifted and I can’t wait to do your meditation and our next Zoom. Thank you again, Brett.”


  • Stress Is Gone

    “I was referred to Brett through a mutual friend. Battling depression, anxiety, and PTSD for decades has led me to several counselors but Brett was different. His technique to guide me through my healing was exactly what was needed. It didn’t take long at all! I say he's a “Miracle Worker” and I'm a miracle! Life is sweet again. Thank you Brett and also Mike for your effort in connecting us. I'm blessed and thankful.”

    Ret. USAF

"I believe God sends us what we need but we must choose to use it."

  • Stress Is Gone

    "My son was a disabled Marine veteran that died by suicide. Brett has been instrumental in me moving forward and raising my grandson, Kayden. My progress has made all the difference in our relationship– there’s such a change in him. He’s finally accepted this as his home. Now he wants to sit by me and lay his head down. He wants to cuddle. He’s saying ‘I love you’ without being told to. He wants me to participate in his joyful activities. Other people have told me that he’s always been a happy kid but he’s so much happier now! Kayden knows he’s loved. For instance, he overheard us talking about my other grandson’s difficulties and said, ‘just bring him home with us and love him as you love me.’

    Thank you for helping the MOVS. My purpose has transformed into helping other moms and trying to prevent soldier suicide. Christie lives in the town next to me and she was so happy she talked to you– she just raved! Other people in the support group were asking about you. I told them about the Facebook page, meditations, and Wednesday night trainings. I really want the other moms to realize they can have joy again, find a purpose, and be kind– it heals the heart. I believe God sends us what we need but we must choose to use it. You were such a blessing and still are. Brett, you’re so caring. You’re a guiding light and I don’t know if I would have moved forward without your help!


  • Stress Is Gone

    “In the midst of major life changes regarding my residence, a significant relationship, and my financial situation, I was under heavy stress. With a series of sessions, the stress began lifting and I got my life back.”

    Call Center Manager, NJ

  • Stress Is Gone

    “My shopping addiction was causing physical and emotional pain. The session guided me in releasing the core emotional tension the addiction was coming from. After one session, I'm calmer, and shopping no longer controls my life. I have peace with my past and within myself.”

    Student, NY

  • Stress Is Gone

    “I have severe anxiety. I have been working with Brett, who has been teaching me techniques to calm myself during an episode. I had to do an oral presentation in class and was nervous. I used the techniques I was taught. Initially, I was a little leery, but I did what I was taught. I immediately relaxed and came through it with flying colors. This program is fantastic, and I'm eternally thankful. The best part is it is done without medication. Thank you so much!”


"Brett has a way with people that very few others have"

  • Stress Is Gone

    “After going through a very rough patch in my journey, I joined the Stress Is Gone program and the results have been beyond incredible. Brett has a way with people that very few others have. His dedication to people’s well-being shows from the first conversation we had, and he’s always there when I need him. Brett has dedicated his life to helping others achieve a stress-free life by being the best listener I’ve ever encountered, true and genuine empathy, and very important to me, no scripts. I was at a point where I could predict what people would ask me, and found it robotic. The experience I had with Stress is Gone is the opposite of that. Brett goes above and beyond for everyone he interacts with and tells the truth (sometimes the hard truth) in a kind way that you trust his intentions. I highly recommend working with Brett Cotter and Stress Is Gone. You won’t regret it!”


  • Stress Is Gone

    “This work gave me a gift I can repeatedly use when reconnecting with peace. It gave me back to myself by allowing me to visit the perfect space of my existence. Like a touchstone, it takes just a second and is powerful enough to transport me beyond my most significant problems and into a place where I'm free.”

    Commercial Real Estate Broker, CA

  • Stress Is Gone

    “The mobile app and member site have changed my emotional state. The tools and coaching help me with bullies and my family and enable my light to shine through.”

    H.S. Student

  • Stress Is Gone

    “This meditation helps me physically but most importantly mentally. My stress level was off the charts due to my granddaughter's physical condition, and how it affected the family's mental health was beyond my coping skills. Participating in your meditation sessions was a positive and restorative part of my mental health condition, especially learning to relax and focus on the meditation skills you taught me. You saved my mental health and state of mind! For that, I'm thankful.”


  • Stress Is Gone

    “It's extremely rare when something comes along and affects you in such a positive way. I initially contacted Stress Is Gone because I was feeling excessive stress and anxiety in various parts of my life. The facilitator worked with me through a unique process. I'm pleased that the stress and anxiety are no longer present. I control it, and it no longer controls me. These sessions helped me get my personal life and inner feelings from the past in check. This changed my entire life for the better. I highly recommend the Breakthrough Coaching Sessions and opening to the potential life offers you. You deserve it.”

    Sales Manager, NYC

"The ability to move on is bringing more life into my days"

  • Stress Is Gone

    "My children were in the schools under lockdown on 12/14/12. The helicopters and dogs were searching the woods near my house. The sirens were endless. My sons texted me, "Mommy, is the shooter dead?" My son volunteered at funerals. I couldn't leave my house without a microphone to greet me. I called Brett Cotter on 12/19/12 and invited him to Newtown. He showed up on Christmas day. I was shaking when he arrived. I was put at ease almost immediately. He took my hands in his. He was professional, calm, charismatic, unassuming, caring, kind, and giving. We worked on breathing and other exercises to reduce stress. It brought a tear to my eye, quite frankly. I'm sleeping better and calming myself with the help of his simple exercises. The ability to move on is bringing more life into my days. My unhealthy habits that returned after 12/14 are dissipating. I have a clearer head and better focus. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are Newtown. We are Sandy Hook. WE ARE LOVE. Thank you for all your support. Brett, you inspired me. I got your back. I know you have mine. Thank you."

    Newtown, CT

  • Stress Is Gone

    “In my sessions with Brett Cotter, he has provided an ultra safe and non-judgmental space for me to express and be myself. Brett has a very clean, clear, positive and healthy male energy that inspires and easily engages. Brett has done his own work and thus is able to guide clients through their emotional and spiritual work. I am grateful for my connection with him.”


  • Stress Is Gone

    “For two years I was suffering from severe physical stress that caused me to miss work at times. After a 30minute Stress Elimination session and a 5minute follow-up call, the pain is 60% less. This is the only thing that has made a lasting difference as I am now able to show up to work without any physical issues.”

    Industrial Salesman, NY

  • Stress Is Gone

    “For three years, I suffered from severe abdominal pain, anger, and stress that affected my ability to work and think straight. After three prescriptions did not cure my physical or emotional stress, I experienced one session, and now my Stress Is Gone. I feel physically lighter and have the clarity to make decisions, making my life easier.”

    Automotive Engineer, NY

  • Stress Is Gone

    “I did a Stress Is Gone Coaching Session over the phone because I was having serious anxiety attacks on the job. I haven't had an attack since.”

    New York Law Enforcement Officer

  • Stress Is Gone

    “When my girlfriend and I broke up, my ambition for life was changed to emotional stress. In two 30-minute sessions, the root of the stress was replaced with the truth. That sadness is gone, and I now have a new enthusiasm for life.”

    Firefighter, NYC

  • Stress Is Gone

    “I was out of work for the first time in 30 years and caring for my 91-year-old mother. I was overwhelmed. During the coaching program, painful, repressed memories from the past came to the surface. I was flooded with emotions and began to see the connection between my past and my stomach and back pain. Brett helped me let go of the past stressful memories. I developed the self-confidence to become re-employed and relocate my mom to a nursing home. Overall, I have a positive attitude about myself and my future, and physically I feel better than I have in years.”

    Sales Manager, NY