Imagine a place for natural, year-round relief for your body, mind and sprit to help you face life with calm and clarity.

A place to turn for support, guidance and inspiration so you can bring your best to your family, work, and, most importantly, yourself.

The SIG Membership gives you access to everything Stress Is Gone has to offer, with coaching, live classes and recorded content so you can engage exactly as you like.

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What's Included

All the classes, tools & trainings to support the stress-free you

Including 25 live experiences a month

  • Live Guided Meditations every M, W, F morning
  • Live Movement Classes every T, Th morning
  • Monthly Coaching Calls with 1-1 and group release work to support your journey
  • Weekly Live Trainings in our private group
  • Easy Access to Replays in our Resource Libraries
  • Interactive Tools & Worksheets for on-the-spot relief
  • The Stress Is Gone Masterclass,6-module course to master our signature method  
  • The Stress Is Gone App
  • Exclusive Monthly Workshops 

PLUS...1/2 off Private Coaching Sessions for when you need more support ($125 value)

Stress Is Gone
Licia - Therapist, Business Owner, Mother, VA

“I feel absolutely transformed from the laser coaching, movement, meditations, and training sessions. Thank you for providing a safe space for my body, mind, and spirit to be grounded, centered, unburdened, lifted, lightened, and balanced. I am deeply grateful for the healing energy I was able to access within my body, especially in the midst of a highly activated time.”

Therapist, Business Owner, Mother, VA

Stress Is Gone
Elizabeth O. - Mom, Real Estate Agent, Santa Monica, CA

“This work allows me to visit the perfect space of my existence. It has the power to transport me beyond my biggest problems into a place where I am free.”

Mom, Real Estate Agent, Santa Monica, CA



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Brett Cotter has over two decades of expertise helping people heal from life's most traumatic events. He has made a profound impact on the lives of others, guiding them to release the burdens of the past and conquer fear, stress, & anxiety. His signature method has been taught in Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, schools, nonprofits, military bases, and disaster sites.

Stefanie Cotter is an acupuncturist, movement teacher, and wellness expert with a Masters in Eastern Medicine who will guide you through Qigong-inspired movement to boost your energy, build a greater relationship with your body, & promote a sense of relaxed awareness, deep connection, and inner-power. 

Stress Is Gone

“This awakens your own ability to heal. If you want a boost towards a better life, you can't go wrong with Brett and his wife Stefanie.”

Mother, Wife, Ret. US Coast Guard

Stress Is Gone

“Brett & Stefanie are an amazing team! They helped me understand the healing process and how important it is to address the root cause. Their meditation, movement, and unique trauma release techniques are life-changing!”

Mindfulness Meditation Practitioner, VA

Stress Is Gone

“Brett creates a safe space to open up and has an innate ability to get to the core issues so you can process them and feel them leave your body. It was a life-changing experience.”


  • Stress Is Gone

    “Brett helped me identify the root cause of my stress and form a new way of thinking about it. I felt empowered, truly heard, and have been able to make lasting changes in how I respond to stress.”

    Assistant Principal

  • Stress Is Gone

    “As a clinician, it was impressive seeing the work on others and feeling my own stress being lifted out of my body. Brett is a breath of fresh air!”


  • Stress Is Gone

    “As I travel on my mission of veteran suicide prevention, I refer anyone in crisis to Brett. He helps people release pain and reconnect with purpose. His work has helped so many.”

    Founder, National Veteran Resources

  • Stress Is Gone

    “I never expected that in the first 5 minutes, Brett would be able to nail the core source of my trauma and give me the words to move on.”

    New York


We’ve got answers…

If you have additional questions, please reach out.

You'll have access to our private membership area with live classes, tools, trainings, and content libraries at the push of a button. The live meditations, movement classes & coaching calls are on Zoom, and the weekly trainings are in our private Facebook group. You'll also have the option for email reminders to all our calls & classes.

This is a self-paced experience. We have both live classes and recorded content so you can engage exactly as you like. 

For as long as you want. Our tools, techniques, and practices are constantly evolving and becoming more effective. 

Yes! Besides our monthly calls where you''ll have the opportunity for 1-1 laser coaching, you also have a 50% members-only discount on Private Coaching Sessions, which brings the price to $125 for a 1-hour session.   

You can cancel your membership at any time. 


Get monthly access to everything Stress Is Gone has to offer!

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  • Monthly Coaching Calls 
  • Weekly Live Meditations, Movement Classes & Trainings
  • Easy Access To Replays
  • Meditation, Movement and Coaching Libraries
  • The Stress Is Gone Tools and Masterclass 
  • Exclusive Workshops and More...