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"Brett has an innate ability to get to the core issue then you feel it leave your body. This was a life-changing experience." - Sarah Stanczewski, Working Mom

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Affordable Coaching at Your Fingertips.

The Wednesday Night Workshop is a weekly group call that helps you quickly release overwhelming anxiety.

In these interactive Zooms, you'll be guided through an intuitive process to gently surface and release the core issue fueling your emotional pain.

You will experience rapid breakthroughs and learn powerful tools you can use for the rest of your life. 

Join us this Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. ET. Workshops are 60 minutes and may go longer depending on group size and stress levels.


Why Join our Wednesday Night Workshop?

  • Rapid Relief: Powerful, on-the-spot relief designed to bring about lasting change.
  • Interactive Experience: These are not passive lectures - high stress participants receive 1-on-1 intuitive coaching from Brett.
  • Tailored Transformation:  In minutes, surface the core issue fueling your stress and be guided step-by-step to let it go. 
  • Affordability: High-quality healing should be accessible to everyone. Our workshops are an affordable way to start investing in yourself.
  • Community of Support: Join like-minded people going for deep personal growth from the inside out.
Stress Is Gone

“Brett’s unique system reaches deep within the soul, alleviating stress and trauma. He is a breath of fresh air and a lifeboat in the storm.”

CEO EcoChi

Stress Is Gone

“I felt my deceased mom with me. I now know in my heart she loves me. The pain in my left side is gone & I know we are one in Life-force Energy.”


Stress Is Gone

“I never expected in the first 5 minutes he was able to nail the core source of my trauma and give me the words to release it and move on.”

New York

Hi, I'm Brett. For over 20 years, I've helped thousands of people recover from trauma, emotion pain, and overwhelming anxiety.

Headshot of Brett Cotter with images of a woman meditating with the sun at her face, a man meditating on the beach, and a happy family walking in the sunset

My coaching helps people find peace with their past by allowing you to breathe and receive self-love from the inside out. I guide you step-by-step to let go of emotional pain and re-open your heart.

I'm a certified & accredited author, retreat leader, trainer, and coach.  Over the last quarter century this work has honed me into a clairaudient conscious channel.  I am ready to help you release whatever you are going through. 

  • Stress Is Gone

    As a clinician, it was impressive seeing the work on others and personally feeling my own stress being lifted out of my body. I’ve already encouraged several people to go to the website and hoping my family members will call for coaching! Brett is a breath of fresh air.

    Gerri DeBenedetto , LCSW

  • Stress Is Gone

    My son was a disabled Marine veteran that died by suicide. After one of our sessions I felt my son's presence with me all day. Brett has helped me move forward enough to raise my grandson. Brett is a guiding light and can help with so many issues. He has so much healing to offer.

    Sandra Henderson , Grandma, Wife, Arkansas

  • Stress Is Gone

    I released core stress that had been with me for 25+ years. As emotional tension released, my lower back felt better and I felt lighter. My depression, anxiety, emotional eating, and fatigue diminished. I was able to speak my truth, forgive my parents, truly grieve the loss of a loved one and release old patterns around clutter. After the session, I was supported by the simple yet powerful tools to maintain this stress free state.

    Marcy E. Kessler , M.S. NYC

  • Stress Is Gone

    Brett was a guest speaker on a Zoom support group and he quickly singled me out. I was angry, depressed, suicidal, and trusted no one. In 30 minutes that all changed. I followed his lead and today I rarely struggle with depression or anxiety, and I owe my life to Brett. I have learned to live with PTSD to the point of being at peace within myself.

    Rick Williamson , Army Veteran, Peer Support Specialist


What to Expect

If you have additional questions reach out

You immediately receive a Welcome Email that contains the latest copy of the Stress Is Gone Workbook, a link to our mobile app, and clear login instructions to join the workshop via Zoom.

Your Welcome Email provides the Zoom link with 1-click access to the meeting from a laptop. The process for accessing the meeting from a mobile device depends on the device you have. The email will also contain the meeting ID and passcode so you can login from any mobile device. Whether joining from a mobile device or personal computer please remember to download the Zoom app before the workshop.   

Most people quickly release more stress with our method than they have in their entire lives, because we are intuitively working with your cellular memory. You let me know what you want to let go of and I intuitively guide you through the past, releasing emotional pain from your body and the old memory. We bypass the story, which can prolong traditional talk therapy for years, while we quickly release your deepest fears. Once your core pain is surfaced we call upon your personal higher power, as you begin to feel warms waves of relief, washing through your body and the old memory from the inside out. It’s like a gentle magic carpet ride and at every turn you’re breathing and receiving more and more self-love. Over the last quarter century this work has honed me into a clairaudient conscious channel for a collective higher power. I guide you to express the source of your stress.  

The relief that comes through is a reflection of the self-love that’s been waiting to come back to you.

The best way to prepare for a workshop is...

  1. Know what you want to let go of. For example; overwhelming emotional pain, sadness, anxiety, stress, etc. These are great areas to focus on during the workshop. 
  2. Be coachable. For example; follow along with Brett's process. It's like a simple game of "Simon Says" for stress relief. When being coached respond to Brett's questions with very short direct answers. When asked, "Where is the tension?", a short direct answer is, "My stomach", or "My heart". 
  3. Check out the workbook before the workshop. Most importantly practice Stress Stopper Breathwork a few times and if you can go through the Anxiety Freedom Technique once that would be great. 


After you participate in a workshop usually you feel;

  1. Lighter,
  2. An open space where the tension was,
  3. A deep sense of relief,
  4. More comfortable in your own skin, and
  5. Happier waking up in the morning.  

These sessions can sometimes feel like spiritual surgery, especially if you release a deep core pain from childhood. For 1-3 days you may feel some tenderness in the area where the tension was. If that's the case just practice Stress Stopper Breathwork to quicken the healing process or reach out to Brett via email. 

During the coaching you don't go into the details about your present situation. Brett asks you intuitive questions to identify the emotion and original source of your tension. You have a few options to maintain your privacy: 

  1. Remain off-camera / stay muted doing group relief exercises without receiving 1-on-1 coaching
  2. Remain off-camera / stay muted and ask questions to receive advice in the chat 
  3. Remain off-camera / unmute to receive 1-on-1 coaching
  4. Go on-camera / unmute to receive the highest level of interaction during 1-on-1 coaching 

If you feel the workshop, workbook, and mobile app did not help you in any way, you can get a full refund.

Relief Is Right Around the Corner. 

Make the one decision that improves every decision. Join our next workshop and start letting go of your emotional pain today.