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I'm certified by the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, my method is certified by the American Institute of Stress and I am accredited by the International Mindfulness & Meditation Alliance. 

Have you hit your limit with stress and don't know where to turn or what to do?

What if you could...

  • be free of anxiety and overwhelm?
  • overcome all that blocks your happiness and fulfillment?
  • move through your day with inner power, peace and clarity?

That's what the Stress Is Gone 5-week Coaching Program is all about.

The Stress Is Gone Program uses a 3-tier design to support you:

Private, individualized coaching to break through blocks to your ultimate fulfillment.

Evolve into the greatest version of yourself as you master the tools for releasing stress, anxiety and overwhelm. 


Reconnect to your true essence to feel lasting inner peace, strength and security.

Stress Is Gone
Marcy E. Kessler - M.S., NYC

“In my session with Brett, I released core stress that had been with me for 25+ years. I was able to speak my truth, forgive my parents, truly grieve the loss of a loved one and release old patterns. As stress and emotional tension released, I felt lighter physically, my depression disappeared, all emotional eating, anxiety and fatigue diminished. After the session, I was supported to use his simple yet powerful techniques in my life to maintain this stress free state.”


Stress Is Gone
Natalie L. Petouhoff - Doctor and Author, Santa Monica, CA

“The sessions quickly allowed me to release emotional tension and stress in my body. After letting go of the stress involving my relationship with my father, I am more true to myself around men. The sessions also helped with financial stress. While unemployed, I was awarded 2 contracts shortly after a session which coached me on letting go of old thoughts and patterns around career and money.”

Doctor and Author, Santa Monica, CA

This program is designed to help you:

  • Identify & release the true source of your stress and anxiety.
  • Heal the pain from trauma, difficult relationships or lost loved ones.
  • Break the cycle of unhealthy behaviors, over-reactions and self-sabotage

  • Reconnect to your deepest source of strength, inner peace, and enthusiasm for life

  • Learn tools to respond to stressful situations with a clear mind and calm emotions 

Stress Is Gone
Joseph M.   - Psychotherapist

“Brett provides an ultra safe and non-judgmental space for me to express and be myself. He has a very clear, positive and healthy male energy that inspires and easily engages. Brett has done his own work and thus is able to guide clients through their emotional and spiritual work. I am grateful for my connection with him.”


Stress Is Gone
Elizabeth O.  -  Commercial Real Estate Broker, CA

“This work gave me a gift that I can use over and over again when I need to reconnect with peace. It gave me back to myself by allowing me to visit the perfect space of my existence. Like a touch-stone, it takes just a second, and is powerful enough to transport me beyond my biggest problems and into a place where I am free.”

Commercial Real Estate Broker, CA

 What You Get 

  • 2 Private 1-on-1 Coaching Calls
    • One 60-minute coaching call
    • One 30-minute follow up call
  • 5 Live Group Coaching Calls 
    • Experiential learning, group release work, and laser coaching 
    • Recordings available 
  • Messaging Support in between calls
  • Unlimited Access to Live Meditations every M-W-F at 9am ET
  • A Growing Library of recorded teachings, meditations and special workshops  
  •  Supportive Community who share a strong desire to grow, evolve and expand
  • AND…A Money-Back Guarantee if you don’t feel any difference after going through the program!!!

Hi I’m Brett.

I am the founder of Stress is Gone which provides life-changing tools, coaching and classes to help people heal traumatic memories and overcome fear, stress, and anxiety.

With 20 years experience of private coaching and teaching my signature method at Fortune 100 companies, hospitals, schools, military bases and disaster sites, I’m excited to now be offering this method to you so you can live from a place of wholeness and deep inner peace.

I've seen what is it's your time to move beyond stress and anxiety, start a new chapter and create deep and lasting changes for yourself and your family.

Start your new chapter and JOIN TODAY!!!

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Stress Is Gone
Ed Koch - Sales Manager, NYC

“It is extremely rare when something comes along and affects you in such a positive way. I originally contacted Stress Is Gone because I was feeling an excessive amount of stress and anxiety in various parts of my life. The facilitator worked with me through a process that is quite unique. I am pleased to say that the stress and anxiety is no longer present. I control it and it no longer controls me. These sessions helped me get my personal life and inner feelings from the past in check. This changed my entire life for the better.”

Sales Manager, NYC

Stress Is Gone
Monique Trucchio  - MSW, Program Supervisor, Project     Independence-Nassau County Family and Children's Association, NY

“Brett Cotter has been working with our multiply traumatized adolescents in the foster care system. He has helped our teens understand how their past trauma affects their current reactions and behaviors in a way that is age-appropriate. He provides a safe, non-judgmental, and empowering environment in 1:1 and group sessions. He shares the tools they need to reduce stress and develop positive coping skills. Brett has given them a new belief in themselves; changing the thought and behavior patterns of even the most jaded of our clients from destructive to a more positive nature. Brett goes above and beyond to help these children who have suffered so much in the past, as well as our management and staff. Everyone who has experienced this work is truly in a better place.”

MSW, Program Supervisor, Project Independence-Nassau County Family and Children's Association, NY