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De-Stress Your School.

Stress Is Gone helps students, administration, and teachers successfully face the unique set of stressors they encounter in academic institutions. We assist students in managing scholastic and social pressure, teach body language techniques to neutralize bullying, and assist with anger management in schools with gang problems. We assist teachers in releasing financial stress as well as inner tension from working in a results driven environment while facing developing youth with varying learning abilities and levels of motivation. We assist administration in balancing job stress stemming from working in politically charged environments and with co-workers of various levels of commitment. Our 3-tier approach delivers a hi-touch wellness platform that will de-stress your school.

A Stress Is Gone Academic Membership offers year round relief through our Membership Website, which helps students, faculty, and administration cultivate a stress free state.

Our Coaching Program provides 1-on-1 personal guidance that helps high-risk individuals de-stress in seconds and navigate tense situations easily.

Our Classes help high-risk groups within the institution immediately de-stress and learn how to respond calmly in high-pressure situations.

Stress Is Gone is affordable. Start today with complimentary versions of the Real-Time Technique and the Stress Stopper Mobile Application. Make the one decision that improves every decision. The Gold Standard of Stress Relief ~ Stress Is


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