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Certified by The American Institute of Stress

The AIS Certification reflects this organizations commitment to making stress reduction tools, and that they have developed a program that reduces stress levels and improves the health and quality of life for consumers. The AIS seal indicates this program delivers on its claims as a stress management tool or training source.

The Stress Is Gone Program quickly relieves tension, pain, stress, and anxiety. The core methodology, Stress Stopper Breathwork, activates the relaxation response, which turns off the body's stress reaction. Stress Stopper Breathwork is delivered to customers through a variety of certified products.

"At AIS, our goal is to lead people to mindfulness and teach simple, yet science-based techniques to manage stress. This is a very simple, yet scientifically valid way to bring awareness to stress and take the first steps to reducing stress." - Daniel L. Kirsch, PhD, DAAPM, FAIS President of The American Institute of Stress;

First step, download the Stress Is Gone mobile apps. This turns your cell phone into a meditation machine, that predicts and stops stress 24/7. Second step, become a member. Gain 24/7 access to online tools that help our members instantly relax, and resolve the deeper issues that fuel their stress. Lastly, practice using your new tools daily until your Stress Is Gone. For further assistance, our coaching and classroom style teaching helps schools, companies, and individuals quickly integrate this program to bring balance to their everyday lives.

Program Benefits: Naturally Avoid Stress Related Diseases, Naturally Decrease Stressful Thoughts, Naturally Stop a Stress Reaction, Enhance Meditation, Balance Emotions, Fall Asleep Fast, Increase Capacity for Happiness and Inner Peace

Certified Products

Instructional Guides: Mobile Apps: Membership Tools:
Stress Stopper Card Stress Stopper Relax App
The Real-Time Technique

Stress Stopper Pro

Resolve App
Stress Stopper Magnet PTSD Free  
Stress Stopper Sign       
Family Package     

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