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Reclaim Self-Love & Recover from Trauma in a Weekend of Transformation at the Omega Institute, Rhinebeck NY

August 11-13, 2023

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Here's what you can expect from a Stress Is Gone Retreat:




Embrace a New Chapter in Your Life: Release the Burdens of Your Past and Rekindle Joy, Self-Love, and Clarity

Discover the Stress Is Gone Method, a transformative healing technique designed to swiftly release pain, trauma, and tension, paving the way for you to reclaim inner peace and freedom.

Immerse yourself in a holistic healing process that includes group release work, laser coaching, movement, music, and meditation. Our team will gently guide and encourage you to open your heart and release emotional pain from your body, mind, and spirit.

Experience the thrill of transformation as you leave the retreat restored, empowered, and ready to re-engage in life with newfound joy.

Join us if you aspire to:






Embark on your healing journey guided by Brett Cotter, your retreat facilitator with over two decades of transformative expertise. Brett has made a profound impact in individuals' lives, guiding them to heal traumatic memories and conquer fear, stress, and anxiety. His signature method has been taught in Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, schools, nonprofits, military bases, and disaster sites.

Stefanie Cotter will start your mornings with Qigong-inspired movement sessions, setting the tone for the day ahead.

Your journey doesn't end with the retreat... We ensure your aftercare with a 3-months free access to the Stress Is Gone Membership that includes classes & coaching to keep you on track.

Partial scholarships available for veterans, first responders, and front-line healthcare workers. Contact registration at 877-228-8003 to inquire.

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What people are saying

Stress Is Gone

“Battling depression, anxiety & PTSD for decades led me to several counselors but Brett was different. His technique was exactly what I needed.”


Stress Is Gone

“Brett’s unique system reaches deep within the soul, alleviating stress and trauma. He is a lifeboat in the storm.”

CEO, Eco Chi

Stress Is Gone

“"Brett creates a safe space to open up and has an innate ability to get to the core issues so you can process them and feel them leave your body. It was a life-changing experience.”


A Message From Brett


This retreat is for anyone overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, or traumatic memories and is ready to let go. This work helps you process and heal the most painful events of your life. You will be in a safe place and must be willing to answer Brett's discovery questions and repeat the releasing affirmations to heal your pain.

If you're feeling any of these, this Stress Is Gone Retreat is definitely for you:

  • Overwhelming anxiety, doubt and fear
  • Depressed, disconnected, alone
  • Emotional pain from heartache or lost loved ones
  • Things feel out of your control
  • Like you're missing out on life
  • Recent life changes 
  • Traumatic memories that block you from feeling empowered, confident and happy  

Weekend Retreat - Typical Day

  • Morning Movement (optional) 
  • Healthy & Delicious Breakfast 
  • AM Group Healing Session 
  • Healthy & Delicious Lunch 
  • PM Group Healing Session 
  • Healthy & Delicious Dinner 
  • Evening Dance (optional)

First Group Healing Session 

  • Includes an introduction, each person shares what they want to get out of the retreat and we begin.

Subsequent Group Healing Sessions

  • Are typically 2 1/2 hours with a break in the middle.

Final Group Healing Session

  • Includes learning tools and techniques from the workbook and an expanded Q&A session.

The emotional relief is something participants say they have never felt before but thats only the beginning. The real difference is the after-care to help you seamlessly integrate the practices into your everyday life. Your retreat includes:

  • The Masterclass, 22 short videos that help you re-access the healing energy for the rest of your life. 
  • Private Facebook Group, includes you in a community of likeminded people that access Brett’s live training every week.
  • Guided Meditation Class every MWF @ 9am ET to cultivate your new stress free state.
    The Workbook, which contains all the tools to effectively manage stress, anxiety and heal traumatic memories.
  • Stress Is Gone App, which predicts and stops stress in seconds and helps you commit to your meditation practice.

Group Structure 

  • The group is arranged in a carefully spaced circle. Participants can sit in a chair or backjack, or lay down on a yoga mat with a blanket and pillows.

Discovery Phase

  • Brett asks questions to quickly surface the original memories at the source of your pain. For example; if you are experiencing stress with your spouse, often the pattern stems from not receiving the love you wanted as a child from one of your parents. For years these older memories have been buried deep in our subconscious and make every day stress overwhelming. As the original memory surfaces participants feel tension arise in their body, then they raise their hand and are guided through the release phase. 

Release Phase 

  • Brett leads the group through easy-to-follow affirmations he intuitively receives in the moment to release tension from the body, mind, and original memory. Imagine a simple game of “Simon Says” for stress relief. These affirmations hold the opposite energy, frequency and vibration of the pain, and reconnects the individual with their higher-self and energy source. During this phase participants release deep layers of emotional pain and feel powerful waves of self-love throughout their body, often describing warm tingling sensations, suddenly feeling lighter and having wide open space where there was tension.

The miracles that happen have to do with the healing energy your spirit has been waiting to bring you. My favorite part of the work is witnessing waves of unconditional self-love heal a persons body from the inside out. You are forever reconnected with your essence as the experience becomes part of who you are, you own it and can access it again and again.

I do my very best to get out of the way, to let your spirit guide me in what to say to release the old pain from your body, mind and soul. Since 1999, I’ve been working with this healing energy and learning from it. For almost 25 years I’ve been honing my ability to hear and feel your pain while listening to your spirit how to heal it. 

Music and movement help integrate the emotional transformation throughout the body and strengthen joy, confidence, and the feeling of freedom.

Guided Meditation helps us clear the mind so the body can let go. Our cells want to let go of stress while our minds tend to hold on. 

As you release old traumas & beliefs, you'll no longer get upset by the triggers you walked in with.

Walking out the door, most people feel lighter, empowered, and confident to navigate through life effectively.

Relationships will naturally shift as you leave more secure and at peace inside your body.

Then you can open up to all the possibilities life can offer.

After attending an in-person retreat you have a complimentary 3 months access to Stress Is Gone Membership that includes:

  • 3 Live Meditation Classes per week
  • 1 Live Training per week
  • 1 Live Workshop per month 
  • The Masterclass / Workbook / Mobile app
  • Monthly Scorecard and Access to our growing S.I.G. Family

The S.I.G. Family is a private community of 1,500 like-minded people that support one another throughout the journey.

After attending a retreat you receive large discounts on 1-on-1 coaching for you and your entire family.



Headshot of Brett Cotter with images of a woman meditating with the sun at her face, a man meditating on the beach, and a happy family walking in the sunset

Meet Brett

For the past 20 years, Brett Cotter has been the beacon of hope for thousands, guiding them to heal from life's most traumatic events.

His empathetic coaching leads you toward a peaceful reconciliation with your past, step by step, fostering the courage to let go. Brett’s experience stretches across a multitude of spheres, from Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, and schools to military bases and disaster sites.

He the trauma expert for Meditation Magazine's Teacher Training Program and certifies students in the Stress Is Gone Method. Brett is certified by the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and his method is certified by the American Institute of Stress. He is also accredited by the International Mindfulness & Meditation Alliance. When you work with Brett, you're in safe, capable, and compassionate hands.