Personal Transformation Program


For the past 20 years, Brett Cotter helps people heal from the most traumatic events of their lives. His coaching helps clients bring peace to their past and allows happiness to return. For some clients this transformation happens fast, for others

it can take up to a month.

“I never expected in the first 5 minutes he was able to nail the core source of my trauma and give me the words to release it and move on. I do sometimes forget but I always find it again. Thank you sincerely Brett.” - Deirdre Auchmoody, NY

How it works

Brett surfaces the subconscious fear fueling your emotional pain and merges it with your higher-power. As he guides you through the process you feel pain release from your heart and tension dissolve throughout your body. Brett then hands you an empowering set of tools to strengthen self-love for the rest of your life.


"Brett's unique system reaches deep within the soul, alleviating

stress and trauma. He is a lifeboat in the storm."

- Debra Duneier, CEO EcoChi

No Long Therapy Sessions

No Diet Changes

No Pills

Faster Results


Experience lasting relief from your emotional pain.

Embody the person you always wanted to be. 

Grow past your comfort zone of repeating pain.
Increase your capacity for self-love.

Strengthen your confidence & vibration

until your soul feels safe in your skin.

"As a clinician, it was impressive personally feeling my own stress being lifted out of my body. I've already encouraged several family members to call for coaching." - Gerri DeBenedetto, LCSW

 What You Get:

2 Coaching Sessions per week until your transformation is complete

Lifetime access to Brett's Guided Meditations every M-W-F 

Lifetime membership to the Stress Is Gone Masterclass

The Stress Is Gone Workbook and Mobile App

Lifetime access to weekly teachings & private community

“In my work with Brett, I released core stress that had been with me for 25+ years. I was able to speak my truth, forgive my parents, truly grieve the loss of a loved one and release old patterns. As stress and emotional tension released, I felt lighter physically, my depression disappeared, and all emotional eating, anxiety, and fatigue diminished. I still use his simple yet powerful techniques in my life to maintain this stress-free state.” - Marcy E. Kessler, NYC

What my clients are saying

  • Stress Is Gone

    ““I agree and can attest to every word in Marcy E. Kessler’s testimonial because I experienced the same thing. When I first came into contact with Brett about 3 years ago I was in a dark abyss created by depression, and I didn't think there was any way out. While attending an online veterans support group, Brett was the guest speaker. I had my guard up and only let it down far enough to give him a shot at breaking that barrier. I didn't trust him or anyone. In 45 minutes that all changed. Brett singled me out. I was angry, depressed, suicidal and trusted no one. Yet I followed his lead. Today, I rarely struggle with depression or anxiety, and I haven’t had any anger outbursts that have resulted in a blackout rage. I owe my life to Brett, and Stress Is Gone. Although I have PTSD, I have learned how to cope and live with it to the point of being at peace within myself. We have become very close friends, and it is an honor and pleasure to be on his team. Thank you, Brother!””

    Army Veteran, Peer Support Specialist, Montana

  • Stress Is Gone

    “Battling depression, anxiety, and PTSD for decades led me to several counselors but Brett was different. His technique to guide me through my healing was exactly what was needed. It didn’t take long at all! I say he is a “Miracle Worker” and I am a miracle! Life is sweet again. Thank you Brett and also Mike for connecting us. I am blessed and thankful.”

    Retired United States Air Force

  • Stress Is Gone

    “I had severe anxiety. Brett taught me techniques to calm myself down during an episode. I had to do an oral presentation in class and I was a nervous wreck. I used the techniques I was taught. I was a little leery at first but I immediately relaxed and got through it with flying colors. This program's amazing and I'm eternally thankful. The best part is it's done naturally. Thank you so much!”


  • Stress Is Gone

    “"Brett creates a safe space to open up and has an innate ability in getting to the core issues so you can process them and feel them leave your body. It was a life-changing experience."”

  • Stress Is Gone

    “I did a 30-minute Stress Is Gone Coaching Session over the phone because I was having serious anxiety attacks on the job. I have not had one since.”

    Law Enforcement Officer, NYC

  • Stress Is Gone

    “The sessions quickly allowed me to release emotional tension and stress in my body. After letting go of the stress involving my relationship with my father, I am more true to myself around men. The sessions also helped with financial stress. While unemployed, I was awarded 2 contracts shortly after a session which coached me on letting go of old thoughts and patterns around career and money.”

    Santa Monica, CA

  • Stress Is Gone

    “In my sessions with Brett Cotter, he has provided an ultra safe and non-judgmental space for me to express and be myself. Brett has a very clean, clear, positive and healthy male energy that inspires and easily engages. Brett has done his own work and thus is able to guide clients through their emotional and spiritual work. I am grateful for my connection with him”


  • Stress Is Gone

    “One session released core stress that had been with me for 25+ years. As stress and emotional tension released, my lower back felt significantly better, my depression disappeared, I felt lighter physically, my breathing became deeper, all emotional eating, anxiety and fatigue diminished considerably. I was able to speak my truth, forgive my parents, truly grieve the loss of a loved one and release old patterns around clutter. After the session, I was supported by the simple yet powerful techniques to use in my life to maintain this stress free state. ”

    M.S., NYC

Headshot of Brett Cotter

Meet your coach

Hi! I'm Brett Cotter, author and founder of Stress Is Gone.

I have over 20 years experience helping people break free from anxiety and reconnect with their source of strength and clarity so they can live happier and healthier lives.

I've taught my signature classes in Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, schools, non-profits, military bases, disaster sites, and world renowned retreat centers.

I am certified by the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and the National Center for Crisis Management. My method is certified by the American Institute of Stress. I am accredited by the International Mindfulness & Meditation Alliance as well as The Meditation Organization.

I was trained by a 35th Generation Shaolin Grandmaster and the Himalayan Institute. Now I certify people in the Stress Is Gone Method, to become S.I.G. Coaches, Meditation Teachers, Intuitive Healers and Group Facilitators.  

Stress Is Gone

“After Hurricane Sandy, I struggled with overwhelming feelings of anxiety and being out of control. I learned proactive skills to take better care of myself and reduce my stress levels, and those feelings no longer seem unmanageable. Most of all, breaking through the sense of isolation has been priceless.”


Stress Is Gone

“This work gave me a gift that I can use over and over again when I need to reconnect with peace. It gave me back to myself by allowing me to visit the perfect space of my existence. Like a touchstone, it takes just a second, and is powerful enough to transport me beyond my biggest problems and into a place where I am free.”

Commercial Real Estate Broker, CA