5-DAY RETREAT at the Omega Institute

Jun 11–16, 2023

Overcome fear, anxiety and traumatic memories and reconnect to joy in this 5-day retreat at the beautiful Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. 

Through group release work, one-on-one coaching, movement, and meditation, you will:

• Safely surfacing the unconscious fear fueling your stress, anxiety, or pain

• Release pain from past trauma, difficult relationships or lost loved ones

Dissolve the hidden blocks to self-love and happiness 

• End cycles of destructive behaviors and self-sabotage

• Feel uplifted, empowered, and most importantly reconnected to yourself

"Brett’s lighthearted, compassionate teaching style makes it easy for everyone to engage and apply these powerful techniques."

Tuition is free for veterans and front-line workers.

Contact registration at 877.228.8003 to inquire.

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Anxiety & Trauma Recovery Retreat

Dec 2-4, 2022 at Honor's Haven, Luxury Catskills Resort

If you're overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, come join us for a life-changing experience at Honor's Haven, a luxury retreat center 90 miles from NYC.

The Stress Is Gone Method is a transformational healing technique that helps you quickly release old layers of pain, trauma and tension and reclaim inner peace, joy, and freedom.

Immerse yourself in a supportive format that includes coaching, music, movement and meditation to facilitate deep emotional healing of inner pain, emotional blocks, traumatic memories, relationships, and lost love.

As the group releases layers of old emotions, the body begins to feel lighter and the mind becomes clear. Most people leave feeling restored, empowered and ready to re-engage in life.

You'll be supported after the retreat to seamlessly integrate the practices into your everyday life, with access to ongoing meditation classes & live trainings, and the SIG Workbook, Masterclass and App.



"There's a unique experience in Brett's workshops. I was able to face and let go of core stress from throughout my life. I felt a connection with other participants and realized they were dealing with similar issues. I am becoming the person I always knew I could be." - Jeremiah R., Legal Secretary, NYC

“It felt safe to express my challenges and the support from Brett & the other participants made the experience fulfilling. Brett was truly amazing and opened my eyes to life's possibilities." - Omega Retreat 

"I feel a more loving me has resurfaced. A freshness of living and letting things be has been integrated in my life. It's a wonderful new start." - Loyda Andaluz, Legal Secretary, NY

What’s included:
  • 2 nights' accommodations
  • 6 executive chef prepared healthy meals - from dinner Friday to lunch on Sunday
  • 4 Stress Is Gone group healing sessions
  • 2 evening dance/movement sessions (optional)
  • 2 instructor-led morning movement sessions (optional)
  • Use of all hotel amenities including sauna, pool, hot tub, gym, indoor tennis court, etc.
  • Stunning grounds, breathtaking views, hikes, waterfalls, etc.
  • Spa services available, book separately in advance.
  • Ongoing support after the retreat through live meditation classes and trainings, and the SIG Masterclass and App

$900 single occupancy room
$750 double occupancy room 
* NYC Shuttle available for $60 roundtrip
* Sales are final

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the schedule for the weekend?

3-6 pm: Check in, relax, enjoy the grounds, pool & spa
6-7:15 pm: Healthy dinner (with vegan, vegetarian, gluten free options)
7:30 - 9 pm: Stress Is Gone Healing Circle  
9-9:30 pm: Music / Movement (optional)

8-8:30 am: Morning Movement with Stefanie - awaken with gentle Qi Gong & Yoga (optional) 
8-9:30 am: Breakfast
9:30-12 pm: Stress Is Gone Healing Circle 
12-1:30: Lunch
1:30-2:30 Relax. Enjoy the grounds, pool, spa or waterfall hike (optional)
2:30-5:30 pm: Stress Is Gone Healing Circle 
6-7:30 pm: Dinner
8:30-9pm: Music / Movement (optional)

8-8:30 am: Morning Movement with Stefanie (optional) 
8-9:30 am: Breakfast
9:30-11:30 am: Stress Is Gone Healing Circle 
12 pm: Checkout 
12-1:30 pm: Lunch 
1:30 pm: Departure 

I feel like I've tried everything. What makes a Stress Is Gone retreat different?

The emotional relief is only the beginning. The real difference is the after-care to help you seamlessly integrate the practices into your everyday life, all included with your retreat:

  • The Masterclass, 22 short videos that help you re-access the healing energy for the rest of your life. 
  • Private Facebook Group, includes you in a community of likeminded people who access Brett’s live training weekly.
  • Weekly Meditation Class, every MWF @ 9am ET to cultivate your new stress free state.
  • The Retreat Workbook, which contains all the tools to effectively manage stress, anxiety and heal traumatic memories.
  • Stress Is Gone App, which predicts and stops stress in seconds and configures your meditation practice.

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is for anyone overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, or traumatic memories.

If you're feeling any of these, this is definitely for you:

  • overwhelming anxiety, doubt and fear
  • depressed, disconnected, alone
  • emotional pain from heartache or lost loved ones
  • things feel out of your control
  • like you're missing out on life
  • recent life changes 
  • traumatic memories that block you from feeling empowered, confident and happy  

How does the healing happen?

The miracles that happen have to do with the healing energy your spirit has been waiting to bring you. My favorite part of the work is witnessing waves of unconditional self-love heal a persons body from the inside out. You are forever reconnected with your essence as the experience becomes part of who you are, you own it and can access it again and again. 

I do my very best to get out of the way, to let your spirit guide me in what to say to release the old pain from your body, mind and soul. Since 1999, I’ve been working with this healing energy and learning from it. For almost 25 years I’ve been honing my ability to hear and feel your pain while listening to your spirit how to heal it. 

What happens during the Healing Circle?

Group Structure 

The group is arranged in a comfortably spaced circle. Participants can use a chair, backjack or yoga mat. 

Discovery Phase
I ask questions I have honed over the years to quickly surface the unconscious source of your stress. These are the original memories when your body first absorbed the emotional energy you came to the retreat to release. For example; if you are experiencing stress with your spouse, often the pattern stems from unresolved issues you have with one of your parents, that has been buried deep in your subconscious and repeats in your everyday life. As participants feel tension arise in their body they raise their hand and are guided through the release phase. 

Release Phase 
I lead the group through easy-to-follow verbal expressions to release the source of the stress from the body, mind and soul. Imagine a simple game of “Simon Says” for stress relief. During this phase participants feel deep layers of pain release from their body and  powerful waves of self-love energy. Often people describe the feeling of pain leaving as layers of an onion peeling back until there’s nothing left but open space. Some describe a warm tingling sensation felt throughout the body. And others feel pure unconditional love energy spread throughout their body. All describe feeling lighter emotionally as the tense heaviness has left their body. 


Why do we incorporate music, movement and meditation?

Music and movement help integrate the emotional transformation throughout your body and strengthen joy, confidence, and self-acceptance.

Guided Meditation helps you reconnect with a deep sense of inner peace, self-love and see a new way to respond to stress. 

How will I feel when I get home?

As you release old traumas & beliefs, you'll no longer get upset by the triggers you walked in with.

Walking out the door, most people feel lighter, empowered, and confident to navigate through life effectively.

Relationships will naturally shift as you leave more secure and at peace inside your body.

Then you can open up to all the possibilities life can offer.

  • Stress Is Gone

    “Brett Cotter provided an ultra safe and non-judgmental space for me to express and be myself. Brett has a very clean, clear, positive and healthy male energy that inspires and easily engages. He has done his own work and thus is able to guide clients through their emotional and spiritual work. I am grateful for my connection with him.”


  • Stress Is Gone

    “It is extremely rare when something comes along and affects you in such a positive way. I contacted Brett because I was feeling an excessive amount of stress and anxiety. He worked with me through a process that is quite unique. I am pleased to say that stress and anxiety no longer control me. These sessions helped me get my personal life and inner feelings from the past in check and changed my entire life for the better.”

    Sales Manager, NYC

  • Stress Is Gone

    “This work gave me a gift that I can use over and over again when I need to reconnect with peace. It gave me back to myself by allowing me to visit the perfect space of my existence. Like a touch-stone, it takes just a second, and is powerful enough to transport me beyond my biggest problems and into a place where I am free.”

    Commercial Real Estate Broker, CA

  • Stress Is Gone

    “Battling depression, anxiety and PTSD for decades led me to several counselors but Brett was different. His technique to guide me through my healing was exactly what was needed. It didn’t take long at all! I say he is a “Miracle Worker” and I am a miracle! Life is sweet again. Thank you Brett!”


  • Stress Is Gone

    “For 3 years I suffered from abdominal pain, anger and stress so severe it affected my ability to work and think. After 3 prescriptions did not cure my pain or stress, I experienced one session and now my Stress Is Gone. I feel physically lighter and have the clarity to make decisions which make my life easier.”

    Automotive Engineer, NYS

  • Stress Is Gone

    “The sessions quickly allowed me to release physical and emotional tension. After letting go of the stress involving my father, I am more true to myself around men. The sessions also helped with financial stress. I was awarded 2 contracts shortly after a session which coached me on letting go of old thoughts and patterns around career and money.”

    Dr. and Author, Santa Monica, CA

  • Stress Is Gone

    “Brett provides a safe, non-judgmental, and empowering environment. He has helped our teens understand how their past trauma affects their current  behaviors and shared tools to reduce stress and develop positive coping skills. Brett has given them a new belief in themselves. Everyone who has experienced this work is truly in a better place.”

    CEO, Nassau County Family and Children's Association, NY Doe Corp

  • Stress Is Gone

    “During the coaching program painful repressed memories from the past came to the surface. I was flooded with emotions and began to see the connection between my past and my stomach and back pain. Brett helped me let go of the stressful memories. I developed self-confidence, I have a positive attitude about myself and my future, and physically I feel better than I have in years.”

    Sales Mgr, NY

  • Stress Is Gone

    “This is one of the most helpful experiences I’ve had in managing my post-traumatic stress. When I signed up for Brett Cotter’s 5-day workshop, I didn’t expect more than a few days of relaxation, and some new meditation practices. I was shocked at how quickly he brought out of us what was really hurting. I've never met anyone who listens to pain as well as he does, and reflects back such empathy. He guided me back to my heart and helped me stand tall and proud again. ”

    Army Veteran

  • Stress Is Gone

    “My experience with Brett Cotter has been one of physical and spiritual repair.  The chaos and illness around my life had taken on destructive manifestations.  But with steady commitment to the sessions, I learned how to relax and follow the journey.  My body is able to travel visually to memories of comfort long forgotten.  At the end of each session, I am energized to do what the day calls. ”

    United States Navy Veteran - North Carolina

  • Stress Is Gone

    “The Stress Is Gone Class offered to our blinded veterans was very helpful, and our group enjoyed the format. The technique we learned helped us relax fast. I like the tool because I can use it whenever I’m stressed, want to relax, or go to sleep at night. This helps me regain control when life gets extra stressful.”

    Asst. Director, Florida Regional Group, Blinded Veterans Association

  • Stress Is Gone

    “What can I say about my experience at Omega Institute’s retreat with Brett Cotter and the Stress is Gone Method?  I was amazed at the experience and am still experiencing results.   Through this training we created an extended family that I am proud to also be a part of. This training should be nationwide.”

    CEO, John Doe Corp

  • Stress Is Gone

    “From the start, there was an instant connection! Brett presented the use of exercise, affirmations, and meditation in such a unique way that everyone, including staff, was comfortable participating and following Brett's lead. He's easy to follow and fun to work with and we can't wait for him to come back and continue teaching us!”

    Community Relations Coordinator, Peninsula Counseling Center, NY

  • Stress Is Gone

    “Not only was the class feedback great but our clients who attended were literally transformed. I am surprised and grateful for the attitude change. Talk about working magic, can we bottle this?”

    Program Coordinator, Coalition for the Homeless, NYC

  • Stress Is Gone

    “Brett conducts weekly meditation sessions to the staff.  Many people eagerly await these sessions to help them deal with stress, and share that they bring them to a new level of understanding and acceptance in daily interactions with coworkers and customers. ”

    HR Administrator, Movado Group, Inc.

  • Stress Is Gone

    “This work has helped me release areas of stress and tightness which continued to cause roadblocks in my everyday life. I feel freer and much lighter. As time goes on, I discover that I am less afraid and more able to engage in life. ”

    Holistic Health Practitioner, NYC

Headshot of Brett Cotter

Meet your GUIDE

Hi! I'm Brett Cotter, author and founder of Stress Is Gone.

I have 20 years of experience helping people break free from anxiety and reconnect to their source of strength and clarity so they can live happier and more loving lives.

I've taught my signature method in Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, schools, non-profits, military bases, disaster sites, and world renowned retreat centers.

Certified by the American Institute of Traumatic Stress. Accredited by the International Mindfulness & Meditation Alliance. Trained by a Shaolin Grandmaster and the Himalayan Institute.

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Omega Retreat Transformation:

Past Events

5-DAY RETREAT: Stress Is Gone Retreat at the Omega Institute

May 29-June 3, 2022

Overcome fear, anxiety and traumatic memories in this 5-day retreat at the beautiful Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. 

Through group release work, one-on-one coaching, movement, and meditation, you will:

• Release pain from past trauma, difficult relationships or lost loved ones

Dissolve the hidden blocks to self-love and happiness 

• End cycles of destructive behaviors and self-sabotage

• Reconnect with your source of strength, inner peace, and zest for life

• Feel uplifted, empowered, and most importantly reconnected to yourself

Brett’s lighthearted, compassionate teaching style makes it easy for everyone to engage and apply these powerful techniques.

Tuition is free for veterans and front-line workers. Use code COTTERFREE when you register.



Woodridge, Catskills NY

Oct 13-16, 2022

Join me at this 3-day men's retreat as a team of powerful teachers share tools for reduced stress, sustained energy and overall wellness to keep you balanced and thriving, especially during times of transition.

Through cutting-edge modern science and ancient Eastern methods- such as yoga, tai chi, breathwork, meditation and mindfulness - experience the power of healing and transformation and learn powerful practices that offer long term relief from what ails you.

Our “Fire” retreat is carefully designed to eliminate that which may be weighing you down (extra unwanted weight, poor patterns, negativity, anxiety) and ignite your true potential within. 

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LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP: Break Free From Stress and Anxiety

Weds, March 30 2022

Learn simple, powerful tools to release stress & anxiety with the Stress Is Gone method.

In this 2-hour workshop, you learn how to:

  • Stop your body’s stress reaction
  • Release layers of accumulated anxiety
  • Identify and heal the unconscious memories fueling your stress
  • Move through your day with a steady sense of peace and clarity

Brett’s lighthearted, compassionate teaching style makes it easy for everyone to engage and apply these powerful techniques.

Experience a deep guided meditation and walk away with valuable tools to help you continue reducing stress in your life.

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