Resolving Deep Issues from Childhood

Childhood Memories

Image Source: Louise Leclerc

After reading Getting to the Source of Your Stress and using the free assessment in the The Real-Time Technique, it’s pretty easy to trace the roots of our reactions back to the unresolved emotional memories in our past. Often this has to do with childhood trauma. All the things we’d love to forget but can’t, because our subconscious is a freakin know it all and remembers everything as if it happened yesterday. All our past events are neatly cataloged in the back of our mind while storing the emotional energy in our cells.

When we experience things in present time that resembles those repressed events from the past a subconscious stew of emotions stirs up. We begin to overreact due to all our built-up repressed stress. This is where the past collides with the present. About 12 years ago it became clear to me that when we locate and balance the emotional energy in repressed memories every day stress becomes much less. That’s why we came up with Step 2 of the Real-Time Technique.

Step 2 of the Real-Time Technique helps you consciously go into those past memories and console the part of you that’s stuck in the past, locked away in the back of your mind and in the cells in your body.

Whenever we get stressed there is tension in our body. This is where the stress is stored, and where the repressed memories and emotions live.

Part A: When we touch and breathe into the tension we begin embracing the stress with our breath and introduce our past to peace on the subconscious-cellular level.

Part B: We actually face the most stressful part of the repressed memory by stepping back into the past and feeling those emotions.

Part C: We use our breath to deliver a message from our mind into the cells in our body that store the old emotions. That message is, “I’m okay now.” Usually after 5 to 10 minutes your emotional energy will balance. The energy inside the memory will balance.

When you think of the memory you will no longer feel that strong emotional reaction because you consciously went back into the memory and gave it what it wanted. This is what it takes to consciously resolve repressed stress. The key is figuring out which memories are still in pain and where they live in our body. Once we know that we can take responsibility and clean up our reality. The Real-Time Technique guides us through this entire process and it’s free. Let us know what you think.

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