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Free for Veterans, Active Duty Military, and their Families.

Stress Is Gone LLC Offers the #1 Mobile Health Plan in America. Free for All the Brave Men and Women Who Have Served Our Country. Our Solution is Designed to Decrease the Intensity and Frequency of PTSD Reactions. Stay 1-Step Ahead of Stress by Following These Simple Steps. 

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1. Download the PTSD FREE Mobile app for Android or iPhone. The App Helps Users Balance Traumatic Memories, Predict PTSD Reactions, Shut Down Stress by Activating the Body's Relaxation Response, and Structures Your Meditation Practice. Listen

2. Logon to S.I.G. Member Website. The Site Offers Year Round Relief at Your Fingertips and Includes Tailored Exercises to Release Physical Tension, Tailored Meditations to Help Process Traumatic Memories, and Utilizes Brainwave Entrainment to Integrate Stress with the Body’s Natural Relaxation Response. Listen

3. Let GoDownload, Logon, and Start Managing PTSD naturally. Meditate daily by logging on to Stress Is Gone from your PC and clicking the Relax Button or by using the MyMeds Tab on your mobile device. Use the Resolve tool once a week from your mobile device or PC. Over time, using these tools consistently will reduce your PTSD symptoms. Listen


The PTSD FREE mobile app has helped me manage my PTSD symptoms and reminds me to meditate daily. The app guides me through the techniques that are easy to practice anywhere, at anytime. My overall stress level is much less and I am able to handle high stress situations more clearly. I recommend the app and the program to anyone suffering from PTSD.
– Kyle, Veteran Operation Enduring Freedom, IT professional, Southbury Connecticut.

As a Doctor of 14 years, prior service member, and Director for a Civilian Navy SEAL Training Program, I understand stress. Stress Is Gone LLC uses unique and innovative ways to help those seeking to manage emotional stressors. I have found their approach to be helpful with my patients overall sense of wellness and use the Stress Is Gone Program daily in my practice.

- Dr. Stephen M. Erle

The Stress Is Gone Class for our blind and visually impaired veterans was very effective. It was quite impressive how the facilitator held their attention throughout the class. The feedback from the veterans was very positive. They were especially grateful for the tool that was provided that helps them de-stress whenever they like.
- Jacqueline Yoshimura, MSW, CFLE, Rehabilitation Services
  Dept. of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, West Palm Beach, FL

The Stress Is Gone Class offered to our blinded veterans was very helpful, and our group enjoyed the format. The technique we learned helps us relax fast. I like the tool because I can use it whenever I’m stressed, want to relax, or go to sleep at night. This helps me regain control when life gets extra stressful.
- Irwin Baumel, Asst. Director, Florida Regional Group, Blinded Veterans Association

Certified by The American Institute of Stress

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