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What is stress?
Stress is just a reaction. To be exact, our body's Fight-or-Flight reaction programmed with the logic, “I must run or fight to stay alive.” It's emotionally fueled by fear and prolonged by repetitive worrisome thoughts. Stress is the automatic cellular survival system that enabled our race to survive on this planet.  

How can I stop a stress reaction in progress?
Simple. (1) Place your right hand on the area where you feel tension inside your body. (2) Slow your breathing and imagine air flowing in and out of the tension. (3) Once per breath silently say, "I'm okay", until your Stress Is Gone. We call this Stress Stopper BreathWork.

How does Stress Stopper BreathWork decrease stress?
Calmly repeating, "I'm okay", slowly dismantles the logic that drives our Fight-or-Flight reaction. Imagining you are breathing into the tension helps your mind focus on relieving stress rather then thoughts that perpetuate stress. Touching the area of tension in your body addresses the physical location of Repressed Stress. Using all three techniques simultaneously stops stress.

What is Repressed Stress?
Repressed Stress is an accumulation of memories, thoughts, and emotions of past stressful events that are stored unconsciously and physically inside tension in the body. Repressed Stress can be located by pinpointing where tension is experienced while a stress reaction is in progress. Repressed stress build up causes the misperception of threats and causes us to overreact. Consciously addressing Repressed Stress can cause tension to release from the body and increase our ability to accurately perceive the environment.

What is Routine Stress?
Routine Stress are the reactions that reoccur most often in one's life. It usually has to do with work, money, personal health, a relationship, school, commute, home-life, a family member, etc. We use the Routine Stress Details to surface the Repressed Stress Memories at the source of the problem.

When does stress start?
Stress starts when perceptions of the environment come through the senses and are interpreted by the brain as unsafe for our body.  

Why do people get stressed out?
People get stressed out because most of us were not taught how to effectively resolve stress within our body and mind. When stress accumulates, it can cause us to misperceive threats and danger in a non-threatening environment. This causes our stress reaction to over-react without a True Trigger. The result is living under subconscious beliefs that we need to live in survival mode when we actually do not.

How do I know when my body’s stress reaction starts up?
Simple, use your increased heart rate as your bodies ‘check engine’ light. It’s usually accompanied by tension in the body and worrisome thoughts.

What can we do about stress?
Stress Is Gone believes the best way to tackle stress is to 1 - understand what stress is, 2 – know how to diffuse a reaction in progress, and 3 – learn how to let go of Repress Stress. Our tools and programs do just that.  

What is the Real-Time Technique?
The Real-Time Technique is Stress Is Gone’s unique method for ‘on-the-spot’ stress elimination.  It consists of three simple steps; 1 - Assess, 2 - Practice, and 3 - Action. Stress is Gone teaches members how to apply the technique in classes and coaching sessions.

What is the Stress Stopper Mobile App do?
This app alerts members 3 minutes before their Routine Stress occurs and guides them through a relaxing exercise. The Stress Stopper Pro also offers one-touch-relief for stress reactions that occur randomly.

How does someone resolve Repressed Stress?   
There are many ways. All that's needed is someone who is willing to look at and let go of their stress. The Real-Time Technique, private coaching, and classes, all allow individuals to discover the cause of their repressed stress and take our recommended course of action to embrace the tension in the body while calming the mind and balancing emotions.

If stress is how our body protects itself, why is stress linked to the six leading causes of death: cancer, heart disease, lung ailments, accidents, suicide, and cirrhosis?  

Stress is dangerous because it creates havoc in our bodies when our stress reaction is over-triggered. In these situations, our bodies start to over-protect itself, building up our sub-conscious fear rather than releasing it.  The built up fear damages our physical and mental health rather than allow us to heal.  90% of our mental activity occurs below the conscious level and 90% of our stress is being managed by our body with very little conscious help. In this case, understanding 10% of the problem is not enough to solve it.

How can I gain control over stress and get my life back?
Become a member until your Stress Is Gone.

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