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Stress Is Gone Coaching Programs


Brett Cotter, Author and Founder of Stress Is Gone, has over 15 years of coaching experience. He has developed the Stress Is Gone Coaching Program to help people just like you, move through stressful periods in life more easily.

The program guides you step by step to balance intense emotions, stop repetitive worries, and regain inner control in stressful situations. You will learn how to naturally stop a stress reaction, meditate, and address stress at the source. You will also be supplied with the Stress Is Gone Tools that best suit your longterm aftercare.

Stress Is Gone Coaching has helped people from all walks of life such as; doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers, soldiers, veterans, police officers, firefighters, students, teachers, administrators, the homeless, at risk and incarcerated youth, medical and psychiatric patients, etc.

Coaching plans include one live phone session per week with follow-up email and text message support. Decide which plan sounds right for you and change the way you respond to stress forever. Make the one choice that improves every choice. The Gold Standard of Stress Relief ~ Choose Stress Is today!

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